Feast of All Saints


Yesterday was the Feast of All Saints and late last night I received a beautiful short email from Paul:  As we were just finishing evening prayer it came to me, I guess today is the day we celebrate Bernadette huh? Feast of All Saints. As difficult as it is, kinda cool having a Saint in the family… Miss her too.

On that note, I promised I’d post a better picture of Bernadette’s memorial stone when I had one.  A couple weeks ago we were all together in Salmon Arm for Mass and made our first family visit to Bernadette’s grave.  Johanna didn’t get out of the van, that’s okay, we weren’t trying to rush her.  Catherine and Zoe ran all around and had a great time.  I was horrified but  Joseph just laughed, “Bet the people are thinking, ‘It’s been a long time since I heard the pitter patter of little feet.'”  Is it irreverent to laugh?



By Fr. David Purcell C.Ss.R.
Thanks for the pic of Bernadette’s memorial stone.
I was celebrating mass in Calgary on the 1st – All Saints and again on the 2nd – All Souls and was praying for you all,….
and in my mind, added Bernadette’s name to the litany as we sang the litany of saints with a beautiful choir!
Fr. David Purcell

By Venee
If you laugh, you are full witness to the understanding that life and death are one as Christ is in all and IS all. God is not THE being, He is BEING. I love that you are living this ONEING. I thank you for your example. Love to you all,

By Bernadette Jordan
No it is not irreverent to laugh. I have visited Bernadette’s grave site a number of times. Yesterday, The Feast of All Souls, Father George led a prayer service at our cemetery. It both breaks and strengthens my heart to see parents of deceased children there; some have been coming for many years. They give witness to the fact that eventually, laughter, peace and delight in life’s many blessings does happen. I can’t explain it but I have witnessed it. Take courage in this and remember that God gives His people strength. Blessings all around.

How beautiful and Aunt Teresa passed away on All Saints Day. Must be a message for us in that somewhere.


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