Silence from the heavens


Apparently, Zoe has no fear of heights!

Today Catherine was bugging me that she’s old enough now to watch Zoe while I go out.  So this evening I decided to walk down to the Village Grocer for some buns for fish burgers tomorrow and Catherine could watch Zoe while Marc was outside working on the gutters.  I left them drawing on the driveway.

In the quiet of an evening walk I was thinking a lot about Bernadette and Ron and heaven in general.  As I passed summer homes with all the big toys parked in the driveways my heart ached all the more for heaven.    Then on the way home through tears I asked God why the heavens seem so silent.

When I got home an answer was waiting for me!  The heavens weren’t nearly as silent as I’d accused them of.  Apparently guardian angels were working over time at my house!

Catherine was so busy drawing circles that she turned her back and Zoe decided to join her dad and climbed the ladder all by herself.  We could easily have lost two today.  Zoe from falling off the ladder and Marc from having a heart attack seeing Zoe’s little head pop up over the top of the ladder that was leaning against the roof.   “Hi Daddy!”



By Terry Mae Sinclair

Praise the Lord for Guardian angels for sure! I know my dtr and her two babies were saved from any harm after a recent car accident….thank you thank you Lord for your angels of protection.

By Susan D.



Oh my oh my!!! What a little monkey!!!! ( literally)😇😇😇😇😇ps ….poor Catherine is she grounded for life?!!!! 😀😀💖💖💖

By Fr. David Purcell C.Ss.R.



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