Rainbow lining!

Back when we first found out that Bernadette was so seriously ill, mom’s cousin, Bruce, suggested that we keep our eyes open every day for silver linings around the dark clouds that were coming our way.  It was wonderful advice and it kept us all from allowing the dark clouds to consume us.  We’re still looking for silver linings.

On Sunday, Marc and I went for a walk.  We can probably count on one hand the number of walks we’ve gone on together (alone)  in the last three years.  We wanted to check out the new development down on “Chicken Lane” where Joseph might be working for the next year.

On the way home, coming up Cedar Drive,  just before Sunrise, I caught sight of something I’d never seen before and didn’t even know existed.


A cloud?  Um… yeah…. confirmation that I don’t get out much, huh.

Actually, that is the cloud I was so enthralled with but what the picture couldn’t capture was the beautiful colors – it was a rainbow cloud!!  Honest.  I asked Marc if he’d ever seen anything so beautiful and he didn’t quite understand what I was talking about.  I persisted in telling him there were beautiful purples, blues, greens, and pinks.   He humoured me but I could tell he was getting a tad bit impatient to get going.  He probably thought I was going crazy or something because he was reluctant to take a picture of it.  A cloud is a cloud is a cloud.

It wasn’t until a lady came walking down the hill with her dog and she was looking at the ground, shoulders slumped like she was very unhappy and I kindly asked her if she saw the beautiful rainbow cloud and tried to point it out, that Marc said, “Try taking OFF your glasses.”  I took off my glasses (transitions with a tiny bit of tint) and was shocked to see that it was an ordinary cloud with an ever so slight hint of purple trim – only because I knew what to look for.   I was rather embarrassed that I’d pointed out the rainbow cloud to the lady.

All the way home the rainbow cloud changed shape, but not color,  and dissipated just as we reached our front door.  It truly was a beautiful and memorable sight.  I couldn’t get enough of its beauty.  When it was gone I came in and Googled rainbow clouds to find out if they were rare or common.  The pictures were magnificent!    The closest one to my rainbow cloud as far as colors went was this one, only the colors were reversed with the purple on the outside:


At first I just enjoyed the rainbow for what it was, its beauty and uniqueness  compared to all the other clouds in the sky.    Later in the evening I was wondering if the rainbow cloud had any significance since I’d never seen one before and was wondering if maybe the Lord was trying to get my attention about something.  After being unsuccessful in sensing any connection, I decided to just enjoy the rainbow cloud experience as a pure gift and thanked God for the opportunity to enjoyed it.

Since then I’ve been thinking that as much as I hate my glasses and the need for them, seeing the rainbow cloud on Sunday was so amazing that I couldn’t help but be thankful for them at that moment.  So there is a silver lining in wearing tinted glasses – or in this case a rainbow lining.

Which brings me full circle.  Yesterday was a very rough day and today doesn’t promise to be much better.  The intense pain that forces itself to the surface every once in a while reminds me that my heart is wearing glasses too – the suffering tints everything my heart sees.  Maybe with such tinting I’ll also get to see amazing things I never saw or couldn’t see before and in those moments I’ll be thankful for the suffering.




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