Frustrating, featuring, and funny.

Half an hour ago I had a very frustrating few minutes.  Marc activated a ‘patch’ to help with spam comments because we’ve received over 8000 spam comments since mid-August.  Turns out the patch is causing more problems than it is helping with.   First I noticed that new comments were now being held for approval because they were suspected of being spam and I didn’t know they were there because I didn’t receive an email.  Then just a little while ago I noticed that the patch deleted all my approved comments!  AH!  I had to go through the spam file and recovered the latest three but it appears all the rest are gone, gone, gone.   Talk about frustrating!!!!  Marc had to deactivate the patch.  Hopefully it worked.   Thankfully all the comments that he carried over from Caringbridge are still there.

Today Marc was featured at the Hospice Society training course giving a talk on grief.  He said his talk went well but he only got half way through so he’s been invited back to finish it but they’re not quite sure when that will be as the training course is almost finished.

Lastly, today being All Saints Day, we spent yesterday and today talking about it being Bernadette’s feast day.  Last night after we were talking, I asked Zoe if she knew where Bernadette was and she said, “Yes, Bernadette on TV.”  I told her Bernadette wasn’t on TV so she added, “I know.  She on ors compuder.”  Too funny.  She is right in a way, the most common place for her to see a picture of Bernadette is on one of our laptops.

Then for lunch we just so happen to have some of Bernadette’s favorite chocolate drop cookies in the freezer so Catherine, Zoe, and I had some for lunch.  For supper we had bananas and whip cream for dessert.  Whip cream and bananas being two of Bernadette’s favorite foods.  While we were eating dessert and talking about Bernadette, Zoe said, “I Bernadette!”  We told her no, she’s Zoe to which she yelled, “No!  I Bernadette!”   I reminded her that Bernadette is her big sister and she insisted that she was a big sister.  Too funny.

When Zoe said, “I Bernadette,” she obviously had no idea just how much she looks like Bernadette.  She may look like Bernadette but her personality certainly is polar opposite to Bernadette’s!! oy oy oy

One interesting fact to add to today.  I find it curious that Zoe can say Bernadette better than she can say Catherine.



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