Friday afternoon Catherine and I had a chance to go for a walk with Mary Jane.  It had been months since we’d seen her last and it was really nice to connect again.

After our walk, Catherine had fiddle group for the first time and while she was there I was invited to tea with Nellie and John Rasmussen.   Unfortunately I couldn’t stay longer than half an hour because I had to pick Catherine up again but it was really really nice to visit with them again too.  Nellie had a gift for us.   She embroidered Irish poem “In Memory of Bernadette” and it is beautiful!!!

“In Memory of Bernadette”

May you always walk in sunshine

And God’s love around you flow.

For the happiness you gave us

No one will ever know.

It broke our hearts to loose you

But you did not go alone

A part of us went with you

The day God called you home.

A million times we’ve needed you

A million times we’ve cried.

If love could only have saved you

You never would have died.

When she gave it to me she warned me I might cry.  Afraid to cry in front of them, I read it ever so quickly, catching words like God… heart… died…. but I didn’t read it read it until I got home.  One reading and Nellie was right, the tears were pretty instant.  Still can’t read it without them.  oy!

Marc looked the poem up online and it’s a traditional Irish poem but it means a thousand times more coming from someone who knows.  Someone who herself has cried a million times and probably a million more and a million more.

Speaking of tears . . .  last Sunday Zoe caught me crying in my bathroom as I was getting ready for Mass and she asked me if I was mad or sad.  I told her I was just sad because I miss Bernadette and I was thinking of her.   Zoe has heard Bernadette’s name countless times and from standing on my bed she responded with, “Oh.  Where IS Bernadette anyway?”     Then she caught me again a couple days later while I was getting ready to go out and she didn’t ask this time, she just said, “I know, you’re sad about Bernadette.”   Out of the mouths of babes!    It had been a rough week.  🙂

2 Replies to “Friday”

  1. Mary-Anne Neutelings

    Thanks for sharing that! !! I’m sure you had an extra hard week. Love and hugs,

  2. Tati R.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I thought of all of you on Jan 28th. How can we forget? Never. With all our love! Tati and family


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