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Last Sunday, being Bernadette’s Feast Day, Marc and I took the opportunity in the quiet afternoon while Zoe was sleeping and Catherine babysat her to visit the cemetery.  Marc brought a shovel and broom to make a path and remove the snow from Bernadette’s memorial stone as we’d just had a big snow dump.  We stopped and picked up some flowers too.

As we were driving up the hill to the top area of the cemetery, Marc asked me how we would know where Bernadette was.  Having been there countless times, even through the winter, I had an very good idea of where to at least start looking.

As we drove along we noticed that there had been a burial very recently which raised a little concern when we saw the big mound of snow was almost on top of where we were going to stop.

To our great relief and happy surprise when we stopped the car it was directly in line with a cleared away headstone with two bouquets of flowers on it and a well beaten path.  Bernadette’s spot!    No shovelling required!!

Not only that, it brought tears to our eyes and warmed our hearts to know that we were not alone in remembering Bernadette’s special day, to know that someone had been at the cemetery before us.   It’s always a huge blessing to know that we are not alone in our grief and in our memory of Bernadette.  And if one were to read more into it…. whoever it was who cleared away Bernadette’s headstone had to know where to find it too which means they knew the spot as well as I did even when the entire area was blanketed with snow.

We did find out that Pat, Bernadette’s godmother, had brought one of the bouquets but she said the snow had already been cleared.  So to whomever the angel was who kept vigil with us, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

We were also warmed and encouraged by the notes, emails, blog comments, and calls from family and friends who kept vigil with us from afar.   God is good.  Thank you!

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