Happy Birthday, Zoe!

So hard to believe that Zoe is now three.  For those who met her in Vancouver at Children’s Hospital when she was only seven months old it may come as a shock.   But she continues to grow and change and become her own person.  Heaven help us.  🙂

Last week I took her shopping with me alone for the first time in almost two years and on the way I stopped at the cemetery because the last time Catherine and I tried to go it had just snowed and we couldn’t get fifteen feet into the driveway before we got stuck and had to back out.   So this time I told Zoe where we were going and she replied, “Oh good.  I can’t wait to finally meet Bernadette.” How does one explain these things to little ones?   As it turned out there had been two burials recently on either side of Bernadette so the ground was all mud and Zoe remained in the car and she didn’t seem to even notice.

Picture comes courtesy of Rick Kwitkoski who took it on Sunday while Zoe was jumping on the trampoline.  Thank you, Rick!

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Zoe!”

  1. Jean Allen

    Happy Birthday, Zoe, you rascal. I can’t comprehend a child not yet three who says things like, “Oh good. I can finally meet Bernadette.” She is going to be one interesting child to watch grow up.

  2. Tati R.

    Happy birthday, beautiful Zoe! May you continue to grow in stature, wisdom and in favour before God! It sure was a shock to see how tall and strong you are, but so happy to see your are doing so well!! Much love from Matteo, Bruno, Roger and Tati


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