Poem for Bernadette!

Yesterday I checked Friday’s mail, and in it I received a letter from a lady in Ottawa who didn’t know us but along with her children were praying for Bernadette.   She wrote to me once so I responded and she just responded back, well over a year later.

Included in the short letter were four perfectly flat dried purple rose petals that give off the most amazing strong aroma.

When I wrote to her so long ago, I included one of Bernadette’s drawings for her son Luc because he’d sent Bernadette some of his artwork.   She invited Luc to draw another picture but instead he wrote Bernadette a poem.  Translated into English it reads:



Likes to laugh





All simple

Very kind


Because it is translated it doesn’t have the same effect, but what Luc did was write out Bernadette’s name.

How beautiful!!!   ‘Out of the mouths of babes!’   Thank you, Luc!!!!!!!!

3 Replies to “Poem for Bernadette!”

  1. Jolene

    The Fohr family is so beautiful! Veronique is such an amazing person. She has mentioned many times how much the story of Bernadette has touched her. (She followed your posts with Caring Bridge) She was very honoured that you sent their family one of Bernadettes pictures.

  2. Terry Mae Sinclair

    Beautiful! So blessed that Bernadette’s life is bringing out the love of Jesus in so many. Love and prayers

  3. Tati R.

    Amen! Ans shall we all be like children before our Saviour! Not only Luc’s poem but Zoe’s goofiness about the birthday celebration are amazing shoutout to us from Jesus! Much love and our prayers always, D. family!


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