About Patti’s Blog

About The Blog
Patti and Bernadette
This blog started when a doctor at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Vancouver told us about Caringbridge.org and how it was an excellent way to keep family and friends informed about Bernadette without it becoming overwhelming, especially since we’d need to conserve and channel our energies into taking care of her.  After Bernadette passed away the blog morphed into my own journey through grief in an attempt to keep my sanity through writing.  Those writings that were originally published online at the www.CaringBridge.org website have been republished here as well.  The blog continues to morph as my grief propels me on a faith journey searching for meaning, hope, and the love of God in the midst of such incredible pain and suffering.  Thank you so much for joining me.  Knowing you’re here makes the journey less lonely.    Your comments are always welcome and treasured!    Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Berndatte June 2014Bernadette’s StoryYou’re welcome to read Bernadette’s Story by clicking on the link below:Bernadette’s Story