WhiteSpace Books by Patti Dansereau

What Is WhiteSpace?

We live in an information age of sensory overload. One study showed that we are bombarded by the equivalent of 174 newspapers of data a day! WhiteSpace for the Heart, Mind, and Soul is a series of books like no other. Each book offers a 30 day challenge of one question a day that simply speaks to our hearts and minds about what’s important to us, not to all the unnamed forces that are throwing the 174 newspapers of data at us every day. Are we doing what we really want to be doing or what others want us to do? Are we happy, really truly happy? How do we know? Are we thinking for ourselves or letting others think for us. Are we setting our own goals or letting others direct our lives? Are we aware of what we’re thinking and why we do what we do? Take one or more of the 30 day challenges; see if even one question jumps out at you, demands your full attention, and possibly sets you on a new road of discovery to less stress, better relationships, peace, and happiness.

Copies of all three WhiteSpace books are available on Amazon.